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Art of the Wood
The Beefolks

Wood burned art & ornaments.
Honey, candles, beeswax products.

B-More Relaxed
Celtic Art Store - Ravensdaughter

The Hon with the Hands Massage Therapist.
Celtic Art from Ravensdaughter Designs.

Cheeky Monkey Sideshow
Dacian Falx Leathersmith

DC based theatrical sideshow.
Historic and practical leather work.

Dancing Pig Pottery
Dark Natasha

Beautiful, functional stoneware.
Amazing anthro art.

EFGlass Art
Fantasy Guild Studios

Stained glass artist.
Leather Masks by Larry Wood.


Lamplight Feather Company.
Handpainted drums, native art & more.

Foxy Fancies
Gabriel Zwanenburg Art

Everything from costume pieces to bath bombs.
Fantasy Illustration & Concept Art

Goodly Woods

Beautiful Furry art!
Awesome wooden mugs.

Jersey Girl Designs

Talented Fire performers!
Handmade jewelry & accessories.

KJ Kraftworks
Laura Garabedian

Hairsticks and Wooden Art.
Fantasy & Creature art & pottery.

Marrus Art

DC's own Sideshow Girl.

Amazing, imaginative visual art.

Nearly Candy Photography

Obsydian Moon

Our favorite photographer.

Mythic and Magic accessories.

Paul S. Kilgore

Handcarved walking sticks & canes.
Ear hats & cosplay items.

Prancing Pony Pottery
Remington Creations

Handmade pottery by my amazing sister.
Beautiful fine art.

R.E. Piland
Signs of Spirit

Stunning silver and gold jewelry.
Open work carved wooden art.

Silver Kitsune
Sleeping Dragon South

Lovely & talented Burlesque Artist.
Lovely soft sculpture dragons.

SLS Creations
Snallygaster Fibers

Beautiful chainmail jewelry.
Hand-dyed yarns.

Tax Experience CPA
Trinket's Costume and Sundry

Awesome accountant.
Affordable costume & accessory shop.

T Star Leather
Vagabond Metalworks

Hand made leather goods.
Metalwork Masks & Jewelry.

Wayward Leather DesignsWindWolf Studios

Amazing fantasy leatherwork.
The art of Sandra Santana.

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Conventions & Shows

Dark Odyssey

Furry, Pittsburgh, PA
Leather, Washington, DC

Festival of Legends
Maryland Renaissance Festival

Fairie, Chapel Hill, NC
Ren Faire, Crownsville, MD

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